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OCs: Enid's Emblem :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 7 168 Tria Inari (Complete Design) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 12 104 Tria Inari (Second Color Scheme) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 10 5 New OC: Tria Inari (Kitsune) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 6 63 Artemis Shire (Headshot) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 7 32 Ninjago OC: Artemis Shire :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 6 36 AT: Yui and Yumi in Kimonos (Colored) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 4 8 AT: Yui and Yumi in Kimonos:3 (Uncolored) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 5 21 Videl's Saber(2D Form) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 9 12
Videl (Full Character Profile)
Name: Vidalias Rozanoire Daemonion(Real Full Name), Videl(Most commonly called)
Alias/Nicknames: Queen Vidalias Rozanoire Daemonion or commonly called Queen Videl of the Demonic Realm(Official Title), Black Rose.
Gender: Female
Species: Half Devil, Half Arch-Demon(Demon-Type)
Age: 18
Height: 183 cm/6'0"
Weight: Unknown
Skin Tone: Red
Hair Color: Ebony-Black
Eye Color: Crimson
Status: Active
Element: Demonic
Occupation(s): Queen, Member of the Daemonion Royal Family, Direct Descendant of Satan, Soldier, Black Academy Student(Former).
Physical Appearance: Videl is an above averagely tall young woman with an angular, slender and slim structure along with a large bust and notable curves. She's quite muscular unlike most females due to years of hard work and intense training as a soldier in the Bla
:iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 3 10
Videl(Digital Headshot) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 6 12 Next Gen: Victoria(Full Body: Digital Colored) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 4 24 Next Generation: Victoria(Full Body Sketch) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 6 26 Videl (Full Body Digital) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 5 12 Next Gen: Anaiel(Full Body: Digital Colored) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 6 38 Next Generation: Anaiel(Full Body Sketch) :iconquinto-guardian:Quinto-Guardian 8 14


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OCs: Enid's Emblem
Merry Christmas and happy new year guys!!!!hope you all enjoying your time^^anyway lately I've been developing ideas of characters having their own symbols/emblems to like represent themselves to show their Individuality, here's My OC Enid's Emblem being a Compass Rose with a Cross in the center, her Emblem is also her necklace ^^hooe you like it^^next Emblem is Videl's ^^enjoy!
Tria Inari (Complete Design)
Tada!!!!!^^finally drew her^^took me only two days to finish, I gotta sa, I think I improved in my character design though drawing hands is still a challenge, her profile will be coming soon^^ ps I'm thinking of doing a reference sheet of her though I'm not sure if I will do it soon, anyways enjoy^^
Tria Inari (Second Color Scheme)
I haven't mentioned this yet but this is When Tria is not in the Demon Realm, when she's in the normal realm, her color scheme is that of a real-life Orange fox, her abilities are the same but her flames are different color like in the picture, though her original color scheme is her real one as she lives in the demon realm. Her dress also has more detail, I'll eventually draw it.

Hope you like her^^
New OC: Tria Inari (Kitsune)
Hello again^^heres my recently new OC Tria, she's a Kitsune, Kitsune are mythical Japanese Yokai that take the form of Foxes, Tria able to become a fox, she also can Shapeshift, Creat illousions, deception, control Purple and Red Fire, Flight and Trickery, I really love Foxes, Kitsune can have maximum 9 nine tails, the more tails they have, the more older and wiser they are, Tria so far has 3 tails as one tail which can split into 3 and can lengthen them, Tria's dress has more designs on it which I will draw eventually soon, she also has a second outfit which is a Kimono.

Tria is also Videl's Familiar. I'll do her profile soon^^
Hi guys!!as you know today is the Sixth of October, its a very special day here in Egypt^^ It is the Day we won the 1973 war against Israel and took back an important part of our land called Sinai, we took back whats rightfully ours and kicked Serious Israeli-Butts! Seriously don't ever tick off an Egyptian, if you try taking something from us, we take it back one way or another! we had many important historical figures in 1973, one of them is non other than our Former President Anwar El-Sadat(R.I.P), he led the Army to victory on that Day^^and is one of the Greatest leaders of this Country!

I love this Day!!!Its the Proudest Day in all Egyptian History, We as a country went through alot of Hardships during the War against Israel and it seemed like we were losing but we didnt give up, we stick it to the man to those Israelis and to the whole world that Egypt is a strong, Diverse, Religious and  an Amazing Country that It's people are like Family with one another and we stick up for each other and no one not even the U.S. has the Right to mess with us! This War is our Victory!This War changed Egypt Forever, after our Victory, alot of Economic changes happen even Tourism was introduced for the first time in Egypt and we Egyptian People continue to grow strong as a One Big Family :3, two months ago was another amazing moment in Egyptian History, the second Passageway Route of the Suez Canal was finally Complete and nearly alot of government people came to the Opening Ceremony made by our Current President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi, now Ships can pass through two routes without having to wait a long time to get in, that way with Two Routes, the Economy will Increase and Ships that pass by dont have to wait 10 hours to pass through the Canal, now they can wait 3 hours or less to get through^^Lets say the Second route of the Suez Canal is Egypt's Gift to the World^^

I wonder what the Future has install for us Egyptians and the Whole World?:3


Quinto-Guardian's Profile Picture
Hi my name is Quinto-Guardian, Quinto for short, but my real name is Eleonora, Nora for short, hope you'll like my drawings.its great to be part of DeviantART!


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